Nine Knitting Facts About Me

I thought it might be fun to tell you some knitting related facts about myself!

1) When did I learnt to knit

I learnt to knit when I was about five or six.  Both my mother and my grandmother were knitters so it was natural I learnt I suppose. My granny made all my grandad’s socks by hand, and my mum still knits now.  She knits in the northern “armpit” knitting style which I never mastered.  However I am a “thrower” by preference also. I have tried other knitting styles but I find this is the most efficient and fastest way for me to knit, even though “throwing” seems to be frowned on.

2) My first knitted jumper

My first knitted jumper was a green fuzzy mohair monster knitted in the late 1980s. The wool was a Christmas present.  I think my mother still may have the pattern so if I can find it will post an image. Sadly I no longer have the jumper!

3) When did I start knitting again

I put the needles down for a while in my twenties, but I started knitting again properly in 2003 while pregnant with my daughter.  I knitted lots of tiny cardigans and from that moment I was hooked again.

4) Things I like to knit

I like to knit socks, baby garments (so tiny and cute) and garments for myself. Sadly my teenage daughter will no longer wear my knitting, as she has decided that hand knitted garments are not cool.

6) My largest knitting project

I knitted a beautiful lace blanket for my daughter.  It took a long time to knit and there was much ripping back when the lace went wrong! It seemed to take forever to knit but it was certainly worth it. I still have the shawl, so it’s a nice memory.

5) Knitting skills I want to master

I have mainly knit garments flat so would like to try some different construction methods such as knitting from the top down. I’d also like to try knitting socks from the toe up, and maybe knitting them on a circular needle using the magic loop method as I usually use 4 needles.  Also I would like to learn some different methods of casting on and cast offs, and maybe try some fair isle knitting .

7) My favourite knitting books

I have many knitting books but my favourite reference guide is “Knitter’s Handbook” by Montse Stanley.  It looks a bit dated but it is a really comprehensive guide to all the techniques a hand-knitter needs to know.  Buy it!

8) What’s on my needles right now

Among other things a pair of  socks, a simple shawl and a jumper.  I always have too many WIPS on the go…

9) My favourite yarn

I prefer to knit with double knitting or 4ply.  I don’t really like to knit with chunky wool that often. Unfortunately I don’t have a local yarn shop that near to me, so I buy a lot of my yarn online. I have fond memories of the local wool shop growing up, which even had it’s own cat!

If you’d like to share any knitting facts, I’d love to hear from you.

Catherine x


My new knitting blog!

Happy New Year! So it’s 2019! Did you make any crafty New Year Resolutions?

Mine are as follows:

1. Knit more!

We got a puppy just under a year ago and it’s been impossible to do anything crafty around him. He’s properly gorgeous but he’s totally crazy and finds knitting wool insanely interesting.

I’ve decided I need to find time every day where possible to do a little bit of knitting when he’s not around.  I’m also going to try to knit with the dog in the same room, so will see how that goes! I’m thinking small projects that he can’t easily get hold of to  destroy!

2. Try something new.

Although I consider myself a confident knitter, there are loads of techniques that I’ve never tried before. I’ve never knitted a toe up sock, or top down sweater, or tried fair isle. I always use the same cast on and cast off so it’s time to learn something new.

3. Have a go at podcasting!

I watch loads of knitting podcasts on YouTube and think it might be fun to give it a go myself if I can pluck up the courage!

4. Stash bust.

My crafting funds are quite limited at the moment and I have a large stash that I’d like to use up. It’s probably not that big by some people’s standards but I’d like to try to reduce it in 2019.

With all this in mind I thought I’d start a new blog where I can share my knitting and some of the other random stuff in my life.  I’ve blogged before but fancied a fresh start.

There should be lots of knitting, maybe a bit of crochet, some random book chatter and talk about my various pets.

I hope you enjoy!

Catherine x